youre a drifter, shapeshifter
  • pav
  • 18
  • he/him
  • helo my name is Pavlushenka (call me Pav) im 18. im trying to figure out my gender/sexuality but im probably mlm/nblm transmasc. i live in utah and i plan to become a endocrinological physician assistant so i can work as a trans healthcare provider im a sagittarius sun, leo moon, and aquarius rising, enfj, and 2w3.

    i love dolly parton and dar williams, as well as naruto (particularly the character naruto and narusasu. chapter 700 and beyond are dead to me.) and i also love ducks and sheep.

    i kin sasuke uchiha.

    please like my posts! and feel free to dm me if you want to chat, i love to make friends!